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At Bio Fit Lab our goal is to educate and assist as many people as possible to get back on track to losing weight, alleviating pain and re-gaining control of their lives again. We are here to provide you with the foundation to better habits in your mindset, nutrition, movement and rehabilitation. Your fitness, health and wellness are our priority.

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We will work on everything; Mobility, Stability, Flexibility, Strength, Power, Speed, Mindset, Nutrition and Recovery. True “Fitness” focuses on all of these factors, not just one. All exercises and training programs will be adapted and modified as necessary to your unique body and needs. There is no “one size fits all” program.


If I cannot explain and/or support why we are performing any aspect of the programming, then we will not do it. It’s not just enough for me to understand the “why”, but for you to understand the “why” is even more important - so you can take that knowledge with you anywhere, anytime, to do anything. Communication is a foundation for great coach-client relationships and trust; both of which are always emphasized.


To achieve something great, you can’t just show up. You have to create habits that make it easier for you to make the right decisions for you and your body every single day. The most successful environments in health and fitness or in life focus on building a culture that reinforces those behaviors and also develops you as a person. The most successful people in life never stop learning and never stop growing. 

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