1 on 1 Sessions

body goals

Our 1 on 1 Sessions are very specific to YOUR needs, YOUR body and YOUR goals. During your initial consultation you will go through an Inbody Assessment to determine your bodyfat and total body weight. You will also have your blood pressure and resting heart rate taken. These tools are apart of our S.M.A.R.T GOALS and we will re-assess you every 4 weeks.

In your 1 on 1 sessions, you will receive 100% undivided attention from one of our Certified Expert Trainers. They will be cautiously watching, speaking, teaching and explaining the exercises as well as the reasons for your program. The goal of each session will coincide with the greater goal of the 12 week package (3x/wk). This constitutes ample time for your body to change, but also the proper opportunity for you to reach your goals. Each session will consist of: 

- Warm Up (5-12 min)

- Workout (30-40 min) 

- Energy System Development (5-12min) 

- Cool Down/Recovery (5-10min)